The global Village, a great opportunity to broaden your horizons

Imagine the vast spectrum of all the cultures in the world listening to the same music , from the Zouka drum beats from Africa to the rhythmic Ranchera from Mexico , while eating sushis from Japan , Tajine from Morocco and curry from India , around the same table…

Students representing 15 countries this year were competing to win the guests’ hearts through some outstanding national dishes in order to spread joy and happiness in this second edition of Global Village which according to everyone was a total success, a major celebration of international and ethnic diversity.

But the global village is not only fun and amusement but also a lot of organization! A great team made by some students from ISA and professors were actively working so that their guests could spend the best moment aboard the flight towards the global village. From decorating the room, moving and removing tables and chairs, finding the best music fitting with… the kitchen where pots and casseroles were busy to cook the best dishes and flavors. All this, in the most familial and musical ambience!

In the program this year, Celtic combat with local and national champions to begin with, followed by some musical entertainment, traditional songs of the participating countries were played, folk dancing choreographies, cultural games and degustation of local and international food were also on the menu.

Brest Business School on Thursday 3 of December was an international airport, decorated with countries flags of all colors, guests were ready for boarding to one of the 15 dream destinations with BBS Airlines that guaranteed unique flights full of surprises, the Captain ISA and their team completed perfectly their mission on board.

The main idea of the global village is to create a community based event that can bring together a diverse range of cultures in a entertaining way, and the ISA ( international students association ) definitely fulfilled their mission. Some of the big benefits of events of this kind are the results, the award that each group, association and individual gets to meet new people from all cultural backgrounds, to celebrate the beauty of cultural diversity and differences , through food, music, folk dances and amazing costumes that offer them the chance to learn something new about foreign countries.

Gloria from Mexico : « It’s amazing how food can gather people from all over the world around the same table , to enjoy and share great moments! Brest business school in collaboration with ISA gave us this incredible opportunity to share our culture through the main dishes of our countries. I made Quesadillas and Fajitas, tried some tasty food from other countries and to sum up had unforgettable moments with the other international students which I will be telling everyone about once I will be back in Mexico. »

Yamen Koubaa, professor from Tunisia: « This Edition was very successful, as far as I am concerned, the organization of the event made it on top, all the people that decided to join us this evening to share some international moments with our students from the entire world were really satisfied. The event this year was well promoted, we made it on local newspapers, and the organizing committee did a great job. »

Athina from Greece: « I was honestly lucky since I have been given the chance to be part of such a tremendous event, I got to learn about some cultural features about countries I didn’t know they exist before. Brest business school counts among its students, a good number of international ones, and the global village was a real opportunity to enhance in such a positive way the cultural diversity of the school thanks to an interesting and entertaining program. »

张玉宝 (Yubao Zhang) from China: « I think that the global village is a very good event where students from different cultures can share their own culture by cooking and sharing the meals they prepared during this event. Concerning the organization, what I can say is that it was pretty good but if there was something to improve it would be the place where we had to cook so that some countries had to wait for their turn but in general this was a great event. For this occasion, I prepared something which can be accessible for all the student because I know that some cannot eat meat or whatever due to their religion or culture and because the spirit of the global village is all about sharing our cultures and living all together. »

Juan from Spain : « I’m so glad to take part of this amazing event. I came here with some of my Spanish friends to discover new flavors and dishes from all around the word but also to share our culture with others. It was really a great experience and I will certainly take part in the next edition too! »

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