The BBS Experience by Nele

Hey, can you present yourself for those who don’t know you?

I’m Nele, 26 years old and a student from Germany. I’m about to finish my master this summer after passing the classes at BBS. I love to travel and that is why I spent all my money and most of my time discovering new places, culture and people.

How can you describe yourself?

Like I already said above, I’m a curious person and interested in almost everything. While traveling around the world, I got tons of new impressions and made so many new experiences so that I’d say that all this traveling made me the person I am today.

Why have you decided to come to BBS?

I wanted to go to France to improve my French that I learnt at school almost 10 years ago. I always loved the language but so far I never got to spend a long time in a French speaking country. Secondly I wanted to live in a region of France where I haven’t been to so far. My dream was also to live close to the ocean that’s why I chose Brittany. Since BBS has the exchange program with my university in Germany and they were one of the few schools that offered a range of different classes (not only Marketing for example), I applied for BBS and got excepted.

Have you made any friends here?

Yes, definitely. I met so many people from all over the world so easily and became really good friends with lots of them. New reasons to travel in the future 😉 Without them this Erasmus experience wouldn’t have been the same. I will never forget the four month I spend here with a huge group of amazing and inspiring people. I’m convinced that several friendships will last (forever).

How was it for you to discover the French culture?

To be more precise, the Breton culture. I didn’t know a lot about if before, but I liked it from the beginning. I like a lot that the people in Brittany are so proud of it and are trying to keep it alive. Very successfully, and a completely new experience for me.

What was the most shocking thing for you in France?

Shocking? I can’t think of anything. A negative experience was perhaps the fact that French people are almost always late and sometimes not very reliable. But that’s probably just my German perspective.

How were you spending your free time?

With traveling of course, discovering Brittany and parts of France. Also going out with friends, doing sports.

How is it to be an international student in BBS?

Nothing special. Felt well integrated into my small class at BBS. I liked the fact that we weren’t mostly international students in our classes taught in English, but mostly French.

Have you learned any words in French?

Very quickly I had to give up my former goal to be able to speak French a lot better than before. It was my main goal when going to France during my Erasmus exchange. But ten years of not speaking or reading any French was definitely too long to improve in just four month. I should have been more disciplined with studying French and practicing but especially at the beginning I felt to insecure speaking French. Mostly because I couldn’t remember any vocabulary and so it was almost impossible for me to even say one whole sentence in French. Luckily French don’t speak English very well, so I was forced to at least try to speak French. Step by step I felt more confident and with the help of French-speaking international I was able to practice more and more. I realized very soon that I won’t be fluent after my stay in Brest but I can now say that I’m even more motivated to continue learning French.

Any future plans?

Many. Like I said, I’ll be done with my studies after finishing this semester. I’ll be traveling for the rest of the year, USA, Europe, Australia. In between I plan to find a job to move on to the next part of my life with a serious full-time job 😉

Thank you very much Nele for answering to these questions: D

You’re very welcome J

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